So yes, Valby Brædur our Icelandic brothers, has chosen to release their new single SVARTUR Á LEIK In Vevo, with Dynamix Sounds as publisher!! Stay Tuned!Valby1


Digital Distribution, Royalties And Corporate Bullshit

While the money from CDs and digital downloads are disappearing, the music industry has looped its hope for the future on online streaming, for around 7.7 billion $ U.S.  in the music market.

But people focus and think that the leading services — Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Apple Music etc. would be the future of Streaming. But they are wrong, the biggest, who contribute around 25% of all music streaming world wide is Youtube.

They provide a large variety of of videos, from a-z some viral, and music videos. And it’s easier to access, than downloading —  Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Apple Music or pandora for godsake! Youtube is just simple to access, and easier to use! So hello wtf!! You can listen to music there for free, no subscription, no upfront pay or deposit or anything!

It’s fuckin free!! But what about the artists?

Not only that the Major Streaming companies are paying out the shittiest royalties with different kind of formulars and so on… But youtube, they pay almost nothing to the artist played! They work around the rules, to ensure they pay worse than the major streaming services!

But hey, it’s all for free right!

Youtube may be the next worse thing next to piracy of music, to make it more fun in the cocktail.. It’s Legal!! Most of the major labels are paying a higher rate to the artists, but Youtube pays less. Not only on that point, Youtube maybe fucked, since there are new rules and regulations that gonna be setup by the European Union.

But than on the other hand, how you feel about paying a fee for using Youtube? Right, that would suck to.. I do believe that Youtube are paying a shitty amount to us artist, even though we promote our shit on Youtube! They earn a hell lot more, on the adds payed by the people to add on Youtube.

In general I actually like how everything is, but come on now! We are deserve a little bit more, than what they all are paying us man…

So here is a bit of Irony: The music industry claims Youtube has avoided paying a fair-market rate by hiding behind broad legal protections. In the United States, that’s the “safe harbor” provision, which essentially says Youtube is not to blame if someone uploads a copy-protected song —unless the copyright holder complains.

Seriously!? They complaint about Youtube, and they don’t even pay the artist the right share!! A bloodsucker who want’s to suck on another bloodsucker!!! Most of you fucks, are not really in for the interest of the artist, but what you guys are missing out on!

Warner did pull their catalogue from Youtube, and it ended up with a lost for Warner. Few years later, you know see Warner is back with Youtube and has signed a license deal!

And sooner or later the roll out for Youtube Red, is gonna come to everyone! A subscribtion for Youtube with a Higher Royalty for the artist..

But let’s see…